Projects for Profit at Railiron

                 The Profit is so good, you could call it                      

"Insider Trading"

If you have the ability to breathe new life into machinery then Make What It's Worth!!!

We offer unique opportunities to those who get into the nuts and bolts of

Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment.

Join others who have made 10’s of Thousands in Net Profit per Machine by reconditioning projects from our inventory. Some shops know just exactly what machine they want to process. If that’s you then just let us know and we’ll get to work on the details.

If you’re not sure about what machine to choose for your project it’s no problem. We will provide you with all the info you need to make an intelligent decision.

If you’re better at repairing then selling we can help with that as well. We will not only tell you how much your machine will bring, we will sell it or lease it for you. We are very good at getting you cashed out fast. In fact, if you want us to resell your project we usually have cash in hand buyers before most projects are finished. Then it's up to you weather to go on vacation or move straight on to another money maker.

Nothing is 100%, but if you work with us on Railiron Project Machines we can honestly say that your chance for strong profit is the closest thing to it.                                                    
You could call it “Insider Trading”.